About me

I am an illustrator and psychologist by profession ... and even an economist

Glad to see you on my site. My name is Nadya. I am an illustrator by profession. I love to draw, create beautiful worlds, plunge the viewer into a fairy tale. I draw from an early age, graduated from art school. At the same time, I am finishing my master's degree in Psychology. I plan to master 2D animation and create a cartoon fairy tale, preferably according to my own plot - for the development of children. And also to combine drawing and psychology, and create something useful for the kids.

Nadya Illustrator

My services

What can I do?

Creation of illustrations

  • Illustrator (vector illustration)
  • Procreate (raster illustrations)

2D animation

  • Spine (skeletal animation)
  • Adobe After Effects (coming soon)

Take orders, I put all my soul and magic into my drawings. I listen to the client's requirements. I will breathe life and a fairy tale into your idea :)

I draw for Instagram-blogs (for example, InetBezBed) and YouTube-channels. My dream is to draw illustrations for children's books.

Character animation for games, videos, books and more

Short animation for Ads and Promo (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram...)

Анимация книги






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How to contact me?

Telegram: @Violette_Cat

Email: violettecatillustrator@gmail.com